How ZERO VAT works

Are you from the EU looking to remove our products from the UK into the EU?

  1. We use an online application to validate your EU VAT number with HMRC.

  2. We then validate your IP address you are logging onto our website with is from outside the UK

  3. We then look at the delivery address to see if that is also outside the UK.

If you satisfy the above options you will be presented with an option to enter your EU VAT number on the checkout page.

If the above options are satisfied AND you enter a valid EU VAT number, then your total product bill (not shipping costs – see below) will be shown as zero VAT (ready for dispatches / removals from the UK to the EU).

Then just proceed to payment, with zero VAT on your products.

FAQ’s – please read.

So if I export a chair, from the UK to the EU and I have a valid EU VAT number, then the invoice generated will show zero VAT on the products I purchased? – YES.

What if I don’t have my EU VAT number to hand and I still want to order a chair for export from the UK to the EU, will I have to pay VAT? – You will have to pay VAT on the product costs, but your accountant should be able to claim this back for you in your own EU country at a later date.

Shipping costs – Why are they not zero VAT rated as well? – Simply put, they are a UK to UK transaction, and as such are subject to VAT in the local country (UK).

What are dispatches/removals? – Exports often refer to products being sold outside of the EU. Dispatches/removals are the terms used for goods sold within the EU.