Delivery Policy

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We have, like most e-Commerce sites had our fair share of good & bad delivery companies.

Our experience has lead us to the following conclusion: We will only use services that support our clients needs, are cost effective and actually deliver on time & at a flat rate.

UK Deliveries

Our conclusion is for UK deliveries we only use Parcel Force. It is very rare for Parcel Force to let us down.

Our clients are supplied with tracking numbers which they can use on

We do use a dedicated delivery company for bulk delivery orders. We have used them for many years. They understand our needs, the level of service we expect and the level of professionalism we demand.

European Deliveries

Deliveries to Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Ireland etc etc etc) can be arranged via a network of delivery companies we use.

We do not use air freight. Our chairs are 28kg each. Our boxes are 105cm x 68cm x 68cm. This produces a massive cubic cm number and air freight is charged by this volume (not on a per parcel basis). This makes air freight prohibitively expensive for our clients.

We tend to treat our European deliveries slightly differently. We do not offer a flat rate. We do not offer a next day or 48 Hour service. We find these services are just to cost prohibitive for our clients. We use our distribution network to place chairs, tables etc onto deliveries already heading in the direction required. This can sometimes take longer to deliver (5-10 days) but is highly cost effective for our clients. . The delivery rates we receive vary from day to day. This is why we ask you to be patient, we will supply you with our best delivery rate, it can just take a bit of time collecting them.

Worldwide Deliveries

We can get air freight rates to the rest of the world, so we can ship, just be aware these can be expensive.

We do NOT make any money on our deliveries, and the rates we quote cannot be reduced or negotiated. Sorry.

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