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We take pride in everything we do. We always strive to provide highest level of service possible to all our clients, big and small. Our levels of customer satisfaction prove we often go above and beyond the call of what others feel is acceptable.

We have been in business for over 30+ years in the UK, through all the ups and downs of the economy but our dedication to our customers and the highest levels of customer service has allowed to weather even the harshest of storms.

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….the only way we can achieve this is by not only offering excellence in our products
but by ensuring our products are backed up by an exceptional level of pre and post sales customer support.

If you like, a happy, well-provided customer is a customer who
will always return to the place he/she received the best level of service.

That being said, we still have clients who have been with us from the start, over 30 years ago.

We do not sell rubbish.
All the items, including the 2nd user items, are cleaned, inspected
and only placed on sell if they reach our high-quality standards.

Our guarantee to you, our customer

Everything we sell is in VERY GOOD CONDITION.
It might be a second user product, but we only provide products of the highest quality.

Shop with us online and you are guaranteed a safe and secure transaction.

You will be kept informed along the whole process,
from initial query to final order delivery.

We will always answer any questions you might have
about any of our services or products but please look at our FAQ’s.

We hope you will enjoy your experiences when using our services,
buying from our online shop or using our customer support process.
It is important to us as we wish to retain you as a
loyal customer for many more years to come.

The Casa Contracts Team

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Here at Casa Contracts, we can take away the dread and probable headache of an office move. We have over 30 years of relocation experience. allowing you to relax and concentrate on what you do best. Casa is founded on the principles that the right environment will enable your business to reach its full potential.

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Our advice and consultation services are completely independent and 100% objective. This allows you the client and us to add value and partnership to your office design project. We become your strategic partner, greatly increasing your project and procurement capabilities whilst ensuring you get the best possible ROI.

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ALL our second user products, our chairs, our tables, our storage units and every item we send out is FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND TESTED. NOTHING leaves our warehouse without every item being checked. It cost us a bit more time (and money) but the goods you receive are a true reflection of ourselves, full of quality and hard working.

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with 30 years experience

We have worked on some mighty fine projects and there is nothing we like more than to modestly ‘blow our own trumpet’ when it comes to showing off our relocation, office design, and product offering.

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Quality, well-known designer, second user products. We sell directly through this website, but we also sell through eBay, our Facebook shop, xxxx, xxxx so please feel free to check out what ever option is your preferred choice……

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miller Visitor chair

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Keep up to date with all our latest product shipments in, stock levels, product availability, bulk purchase offers etc. Our products can change on a daily basis, so why not keep up with the latest news through our newsletter, facebook and twitter feed. 

Waiting for 10 Herman Miller Aeron chairs but keep missing out on our stock updates….. sign up and never miss out again.

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International deliveries

We can, and regularly do, ship internationally. We deliver all across Europe, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy….. If you can’t find products of this quality locally, make the design investment and we will ship directly to you. We are one of the UK biggest 2nd user suppliers of designer chairs and we almost guarantee you will not be able to buy this quality at this price locally anywhere else in Europe.

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Up cycling / recycling

We are able to refurbish chairs from most major manufacturers. This allows us/you to re-use / re-purpose / recycle perfectly good high-quality office furniture.

Deliveries / shipping

It has taken us a while to find the best delivery company for shipping chairs. They are bulky items but we can now ship across the UK and far into Europe and beyond.

Office clearance / moves

Casa Contracts can help you with your office moves, clearence of old chairs, office furniture and even down to landlord delapidations. Call us for a free chat and quote

Our brands

We only stock genuine brands. There are many inferior copies out in the marketplace. We guarantee EVERY chair we sell is a genuine designer chair by the manufacturer stated.


Doing the 'right thing' isn't always easy. Our emphasis is to achieve maximum efficient sustainability for our clients and consequently reduce the waste output and their carbon footprint.

Call us, its good to talk

Here at Casa Contracts, we love to talk about office chairs, furniture, and even your unwanted IT. We can help with your CSR, often working at short notice.
Call us today.

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