FAQ’s – We hope this answer some of your questions…

Every chair that leaves our warehouse is:
Thoroughly cleaned,
All marks are removed where possible
If the seat foam needs replacing, it is replaced
If the seat fabric needs replacing, it is replaced
All functionality is tested
Any parts found to be defective are replaced
If it is not of a high enough standard, we simply don’t ship it.

Yes. Absolutely.
We only use the highest level of secure encryption between ourselves and our online payments gateway
We do not store your credit card details on our site.
The only place your credit card details are used and stored is on the payments gateway / our payments provider.

You can pay with a credit card or google pay, apple pay, etc, all using our secure payments gateway.

Chairs are bulky, heavy items, and cost a lot of money to ship.
Every chair is shipped in strong, high-quality boxes.
On every box, we also use high-strength strapping.
We make no money on our shipping costs, and sometimes we lose money.
Our aim is to make shipping as economical as possible for our clients and provide them with the highest level of service.
If you wish to arrange your own shipping, then please let us know. You can always arrange collection from our warehouse in person, but please contact us first to arrange a time, and we will tell you the place to collect from.

Because those shipping costs need to be reflected in the price you pay.
We would rather be upfront about our shipping costs than hide them away in a single price.
When was the last time shipping a 30Kg chair was ‘free’???
If you wish to spend your own time, money, and fuel to collect the chair, please just let us know.

Yes, of course, you can. We just ask that you arrange a time with us as the collection will be from our warehouse (RM13) and we need to make sure someone is there to enable your collection.

Yes, of course, you can. Again, we just ask that you arrange a time with us as the collection will be from our warehouse (RM13) and we need to make sure someone is there to enable your collection to take place.

If you have any questions not covered, please just contact us at: [email protected] or call on +44 (0)20 7517 7984

Up cycling / recycling

We are able to refurbish chairs from most major manufacturers. This allows us/you to re-use / re-purpose / recycle perfectly good high-quality office furniture.

Deliveries / shipping

It has taken us a while to find the best delivery company for shipping chairs. They are bulky items but we can now ship across the UK and far into Europe and beyond.

Office clearance / moves

Casa Contracts can help you with your office moves, clearence of old chairs, office furniture and even down to landlord delapidations. Call us for a free chat and quote

Our brands

We only stock genuine brands. There are many inferior copies out in the marketplace. We guarantee EVERY chair we sell is a genuine designer chair by the manufacturer stated.


Doing the 'right thing' isn't always easy. Our emphasis is to achieve maximum efficient sustainability for our clients and consequently reduce the waste output and their carbon footprint.

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Here at Casa Contracts, we love to talk about office chairs, furniture, and even your unwanted IT. We can help with your CSR, often working at short notice.
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